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An Angler’s Guide to Successful Fly Patterns


Adrian V. W. Freer

The purpose of this invaluable and comprehensive book is two fold. Firstly, to discuss the design and dressing of reservoir trout flies with a view to understanding how they actually appear to the trout. Secondly, to provide a reference guide to the most popular and successful reservoir fly patterns in use today.

Fishing Naturals
Please follow this link to see the flies used by Adrian Freer, Fishing Naturals (September 2005 talk to Association members)
for details of Adrian Freer's new book
Successful Reservoir Fly Fishing Techniques which expands on the brief details given here.

Please follow this link to
Adrian Freer's Author's Page

  • Discusses the design of artificial flies with supporting photographs showing their appearance and behaviour beneath the water.


  • Presents the dressings over 270 fly patterns divided into nymphs, wet flies, lures (including fry patterns), dry flies & emergers, and terrestrials.

  • For ease of reference a photograph of each fly, the dressing menu, a list of variants and comments on each individual pattern are all shown on the same page.


  • Provides a comprehensive ‘on the bench’ reference handbook for both the amateur and professional fly tyer.


  • Offers helpful advice to anglers contemplating tying their own flies for the first time.


  • Includes over 380 colour photographs together with diagrams and tables.


Published by:
The Crowood Press             

ISBN 978 1 84797 208 8

192 pages        
235 x 165mm

RRP £19.95

Member's Flies
Some time ago the Association published a series of 16 fly patterns in the newsletter.  These patterns were submitted by members as being flies worth trying in the Leicestershire region.  These patterns have been uploaded onto this web-site for ready reference.  Although possibly a little dated now, they may well still be highly effective flies. 

Click Here to access the list

Why not tie them and try them?

Step by Step Tying Guides
For those interested in tying their own flies I have added some links to web pages showing how to tie specific flies in Step by Step format.  Very easy to follow and excellent flies ....

Bob's Olive
Buzzer (Flexi-floss Black Buzzer)
Copper John
Czech Nymph
Dabbler (Straggle dabbler)
Damsel (1)
Damsel (2)
Double Badger
Green Peter
Parachute Damsel
Pike Bunny
Suspender Buzzer
Upside Down Dun